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New fraternity “ProudBoys” aims to resurrect American masculinity


The ProudBoys are a fraternal organization determined to reclaim masculinity. (Billy Posner)

Manhood and Western civilization have been liberals’ biggest targets for decades. From an early age, millennial men have been told it’s better to be effeminate and that “toxic masculinity” is a greater threat to society than ISIS.

The overreach by liberals has created a massive backlash, deeper than just the election of Donald Trump. Men are tired of being shamed for embracing their Y-chromosome. In response, more than a thousand have flocked to a new fraternal organization known as “ProudBoys.”

The organization was created by the co-founder of Vice and the “Godfather of hipsterdom” Gavin McInnes. ProudBoys centers around the values of “minimal government, maximum freedom, anti-political correctness, anti-racial guilt, pro-gun rights, anti-Drug War, closed borders, anti-masturbation, venerating entrepreneurs, venerating housewives, and reinstating a spirit of Western chauvinism.”

McInnes told Red Alert Politics that it basically started out as a joke. During his daughter’s recital, he saw a 12-year old boy stand up on stage and sing “Proud of Your Boy” from Aladdin. In that moment, he thought “if there’s one thing his father would not be proud of, it’s your son singing that song.”

Soon enough, though, the joke took on a life of its own and McInnes started the pro-Western fraternity. There are three degrees to joining the organization including declaring yourself a ProudBoy, giving up masturbating to pornography, and getting a tattoo.

In just a few months, meet up groups sprang up all over the country, and young men from all over the world joined the social media group.

“I think the reason it’s been so successful has nothing to do with me or anything to do with our tenets,” McInnes told RAP. “I mean breakfast cereals and beating off is nothing that important, I think it’s because it was normal in America to have clubs… I don’t think it’s natural that groups like the Odd Fellows, the Masons, the Knights of Columbus, the Elks Lodge, the Friars have all shrank or disappeared. I think it’s natural for men to have a night once a month and speak uncensored and celebrate their own fraternity, their own guyness, especially in an era like now where men are told from kindergarten on that everything about them is wrong.”

The group is not only a place for men to fight and drink beer, but it has also become a support system for them.

“So far, my experience with the ProudBoys is incredibly supportive. POYB ‘Proud of ya boy’ is an example of our support for each other,” Dan, age 28 from Arizona, told RAP.

“There is somewhat of a sense of community and brotherhood, and you might rip on your brother and fight with him, but you always want to see them succeed,” said a 25-year old ProudBoy.

Jeffrey, age 40 from Minnesota, described himself as elder statesman and said that being a ProudBoy is about promoting foundational truths including personal responsibility and national pride. Additionally, ProudBoys teach that good character is essential to being a man. Members should celebrate the uniqueness and talents of a wife that they revere, and put the needs of their family above their own self-interests.

ProudBoys have a diverse coalition that includes minorities and gay men who can feel isolated for having conservative beliefs.

“I’m a gay singer/songwriter, and the ProudBoys have accepted me wholeheartedly,” said Jon, age 23 from Illinois.

“My music isn’t overtly political, but my conservative views have always left me feeling somewhat isolated amongst both the LGBT Community and the music/art community,” Jon said that an online altercation about politics turned personal when liberal activists tried to have him banned from performing at local venues.

“I told the ProudBoys what was happening, and they got right to work,” Jon continued. “They helped me get the slanderous posts taken down, and in effect saved my music and local reputation. I’m forever thankful they could help me out of a bind like that.”

The group seems to only be in its infancy, and members are trying to start new meetups not only across the U.S., but worldwide. A ProudBoy named Jonathan told RAP he’s looking to start a chapter in Perth, Australia shortly.

“I have been surprised by the success and growth of the group, but it’s not like I worked at it,” McInnes continued. “It’s kinda of like when I sold pot in college; I didn’t advertise, people just heard I had pot and everyone came by, the demand was there.”

Being pro-Western and pro-men doesn’t come without its perils and critics who attacked the group as being “white nationalists.” ProudBoys has proven to be just the opposite. McInnes has worked to make ProudBoys as inclusive as possible to anyone who subscribes to their beliefs and character standards, regardless of race or sexuality.

“Being proud of being American, not apologizing for who we are or where we came from and staying strong in our beliefs that the West is the best and not being afraid to stomp out political correctness,” Paul, 31, from Minnesota said to RAP. “But above that, doing well by your fellow man, working hard for yourself and your family, and giving back to the country that allows us to be this way.”

None of the ProudBoys RAP spoke to said that their support for the group or Western Civilization comes from a place of racism.

“The West is the best because of trial and error,” McInnes said to RAP. “We tried everything else — slavery, imprisoning gays, not allowing women the right to vote, it was bad, it didn’t work. All the manmade catastrophes the world is dealing with, we’ve already moved past them.”

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