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GQ gives Trump a makeover [VIDEO]

Screen Shot, YouTube

Screen Shot, YouTube

GQ’s staff has decided President Trump’s outfit and look is like, so 2015. A video was released that photoshops Trump’s entire suit, slimming his pants and tie, giving him a fancy tie clip and pocket square, evening out his shirt, and giving him a fresh new ‘do.

I have to admit, I dig the new look. Much more sleeker to a President that probably needs a little fashion update, and the shorter hair is definitely sleeker and more presidential (I grew up in a salon, trust me, I got this).

Of course, the magazine that broadcasts ramblings from the Olbermann Institute couldn’t resist poking the bear a little with the message, “He may look a lot better, but it’s too bad we can’t change the misogyny/racism/homophobia/class warfare…” and it fast-scrolls from there.

If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that you should stick to what you know. Let the President run the country like a business, and let GQ take care of fashion; trust me, politics is not for you.


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