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Musicians convince little girl to light Trump doll on fire [VIDEO]

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A group of artists recently produced a music video featuring a young girl lighting a Donald Trump doll on fire. The innocent-looking child in the video is presumed more virtuous after committing this violent act, which the artists’ Facebook page accompanies with the hashtag, “#trumpwelldone.”

The act of using propagandist art forms to train children and young adults to use violence for a leftist cause is nothing new. In the past, ISIS produced videos of children singing while beheading ‘infidel’ dolls, while Palestinians produced shows for children teaching them to “shoot Jews.” And these art forms are were isolated — they were supplemented with real-life violence.

The artists insist they do not intend to promote violence, but that they simply wants to encourage viewers to be “mindful” of the “examples” they are setting for American youth. They feel the President has failed in the example he’s set.

“While we anticipate backlash for this video, we know its controversial, this remains art, and art shares a longstanding history of presenting itself as provocative,” a spokesperson for the band told Red Alert Politics. “The message we are sharing is to not discount the youth; they are always watching. We need to be mindful of the generation we are raising based on our examples.”

And the anti-Trump do set an example for children: one of blatant violence against anyone who does not agree with them politically. This warped sentiment is widespread among Trump’s protesters. In fact, just a day after the New Mystics video was published, a group of young anti-Trump protesters lit a limousine on fire to express their rage at his inaugural ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Ironically, these are the same protesters who claimed they were fighting a president who hates Muslims, but all they did was burn a Muslim limo driver’s livelihood to the ground.

“I really don’t think we need to take this [violent] route,” the limo driver told Red Alert yesterday.

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