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“Equal pay is not enough”: Hilarious shoe ad pisses off feminists [VIDEO]

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A hilarious new shoe ad from Bianco Footwear has feminists infuriated for its parodical twist on European marketing and political commentary.

The ad, captioned with the hashtag #WomenNeedMore, features a group of fashionably-dressed women who are angry at their bosses for not paying them more than their male colleagues because their clothing, accessories, and shoes cost more.

“Listen up,” one of the female characters in the video begins. “There’s still not equal pay anywhere in the world. And it seems most women aren’t even angry about it. But we should be.”

With that, the women angrily barge into their bosses’ offices and use their expensive new Bianco shoes to shatter glass office panels, kick a coffee mug into their boss’s face, and ruin their boss’s new car by stomping on it.

“From now on, equal pay is no longer enough,” the narrator says. “Because women need more. Our haircuts are more expensive. Our underwear is ridiculously more expensive. It’s simply more expensive to be a woman than to be a man. Should we seriously get paid less than someone who applies body lotion to his face? He doesn’t need a new outfit for every new occasion. He doesn’t even know that the shoes make the outfit.”

The video ends by humorously noting that every “stylish woman” agrees with this sentiment — “equal pay is not enough.”

Feminists have taken to social media to protest the ad for making women “seem like all they are about is looks, dresses, and shoes.” Gee, isn’t that the point of a shoe ad?

“A lot of women are angry about it, but funnily enough not because we want to buy more shoes. Isn’t it great when capitalism attempts to cash in on feminism? What a load of bullshit,” one person angrily commented, to which the designer’s Facebook page replied by stating it was simply aiming to create a “sense of irony and humorous approach – which is key in our advertising.”