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Bernie Bro confused for white supremacist, shot outside Milo speech

(Johnny Andrews/The Seattle Times via AP)

Bernie bro battles life threatening injuries. (Johnny Andrews/The Seattle Times via AP)

A Bernie Sanders supporter received life-threatening injuries last week while protesting Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech at the University of Washington. Ironically, the man was assaulted by someone who confused him with a white supremacist.

The Seattle Times News reported on Monday that the man identified as the shooting victim was a Bernie supporter and had no history of racism, despite being identified as a white supremacist by the shooter.

Police officers released the suspect, who is Asian-American, despite having shot the man because he claimed he was in fear for his life after seeing what he believed to be a racist.

What might have confused the shooter was an anti-hate tattoo that the 34-year-old victim publicly displayed featuring a black swastika with a red circle and slash over it.

Apparently, there is such a thing as being so ‘woke’ that it’s dangerous, especially when there’s a trigger happy liberal who’s been told to be in constant fear for his life by the phantom menace of institutionalized racism and gangs of white supremacists.

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