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Female blogger fires back at March feminists: I am not ‘oppressed’

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Jose Luis Magana/AP

In a rant that went viral on social media Tuesday, a female blogger fired back at feminist activists who rallied at the Women’s March over the weekend and told her she is oppressed because of her gender.

“To the woman telling me that I am oppressed: No, I’m F***ING not,” she wrote.

The blogger, who used the pen name ‘B’, continued by taking a jab at her friends on social media who “unfriended” or “unfollowed” her because she chose not to attend the politically charged Women’s March on Saturday. Instead of supporting all women regardless of their personal views, she wrote that the purveyors of the Women’s March helped only those who agreed with them. This proved their cause was political rather than purely for women.

“You don’t have to agree with me, but I hope that you can open your heart up to the fact that not everyone has to agree with YOU. That we can still love one another, respect one another, and SUPPORT one another despite our differences …it seems to me that THAT is what the message should have been at all of these marches across the country this weekend,” she wrote, adding, “BUT IT WASN’T.”

The article that set her off, the blogger indicates, was one published in Medium titled, “You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.” The article tells women they still oppressed because they “make less” at work, “still don’t have paid or unpaid maternity leave,” “still have to fight to breastfeed in public,” and “still don’t have full rights over your own body.” It also tells women who did not join the Women’s March that they are forever indebted to the other “women who marched” for the rights that they do have:

You did nothing to earn those rights. You were born into those rights. You did nothing, but you reap the benefits of women, strong women, women who fought misogyny and pushed through patriarchy and fought for you. And you sit on your pedestal, a pedestal you are fortunate enough to have, and type. A keyboard warrior. A fighter for complacency. An acceptor of what you were given. A denier of facts. Wrapped up in your delusion of equality.

The blogger had the perfect comeback against the feminist Left’s culture of victimhood:

If you act as though you are oppressed, you will find every possible example to support that notion.

If you act as though you are blessed beyond measure and live in the most incredible nation on this planet at the most incredible time in history, you will also find every possible example to support THAT notion.

I have chosen and will continue to choose the latter, because it is true.

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