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Women’s March ignored real oppression happening in the Middle East

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Jose Luis Magana/AP

Women across our free republic decided to gather and complain Saturday, fighting to retain the ability to get government-assisted access to contraceptives and abortions.

The multiple Women’s Marches that protested the supposed oppression of President Trump were widely unsuccessful. Here’s why: while the progressive women wale and rant about their argument being one of ‘human rights,’ they consciously ignore truly oppressed women around the world who live without the rights Americans sometimes take for granted.

“As the [Saudi] government struggles to reshape an economy addicted to oil and generate revenue elsewhere, Saudis are trying to develop the entertainment sector, triggering arguments between religious conservatives and social liberals over ways to have a good time without breaking Islamic rules,” the Wall Street Journal reported today.

Gender-segregation is a moral standard and a social norm in Saudi Arabia, according to the article.

The Saudi Arabian society is triggered by possible introduction of movies, music, and dancing. Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour regularly sugar-coats the society’s treatment of women on Twitter, while instructing her followers to ‘hate’ the President for speaking of grabbing “pu**ies.”

Unlike in the United States, Saudi Arabia does not allow women to socialize with men, wear make-up, drive a car, compete in sports, or try on clothes while shopping. If Saudis Arabia is so ‘progressive,’ surely Sarsour would have no hesitation going there to wear her mascara and speak her mind.

Adding insult to injury, feminist Gloria Steinem stated during the Women’s March, “If you [President Trump] force Muslims to register, we will all register as Muslims.” Such an act of impersonation is not only stupid, it is categorically offensive toward law-abiding Muslim citizens.

Likewise, Steinem’s 2016 interview with Bill Maher amplified her eagerness to promote women’s rights in the 40 countries that enforce Sharia. She claimed it was one of the prominent issues she highlights. Her shallow antics dispute her sincerity to effectively speak for women dealing with true oppression.

Progressive women’s participation in the Women’s March has proven the insufferable levels of selfishness, ignorance, and carelessness they choose to promote. The Women’s March did not elevate women. It degraded them, and the poor portrayal of women leaves them weak. Government can’t fix where these women ‘feel’ they have been sidestepped; and it shouldn’t.

There is no doubt that if the Women’s March included the voices of conservative, pro-life, pro-capitalist, pro-liberty women, the mission would have been rational and productive. The Left cannot consistently claim they disprove of division while conclusively excluding those they disagree with.

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