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Elite Daily columnist: “It’s OK To Hate Men Because of Trump”

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“It’s OK To Hate Men Because of Trump,” wrote Zara Barrie, Senior Writer for Elite Daily and self-described “mascara lesbian” who “lives beyond her means on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.”

Barrie published her essay on why it’s okay to hate men after the inauguration, saying “our emotions are running faster than a Bugatti zooming down a European highway.” In her emotional screed, she confesses there are indeed some men she feels are “amazing.” She references her brother, her father, and three of her friends as examples.

Those men, the men she deems amazing, are “very important creatures in the pending four years,” she says. “We need these men to use their male privilege as a platform to fight for us right now.”

Barrie does not clarify what she needs men to “fight” for, but notes that after looking at the Facebook page of a Trump supporter, she “was filled with a deep resentment, not just toward these men, but toward the entire male species.”

“I’m not saying it was a rational reaction, but if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: We can’t control our emotional responses to trauma,” she writes, adding President Trump’s victory is not only “triggering,” but “actual trauma.”

Barrie admits she tries not to hate all men. She even admits that she only really hates male Trump supporters. However, she writes, seeing one errant post from “a nice white male” who supports Trump is enough to make her “spiral into hating the entire male species again.”

Barrie doesn’t just hate men, she wrote that it makes her ill to see them.

“I’ll see a picture of a white, straight man, and I will feel physically sick to my stomach,” she says. According to her many social media images, Barrie is white.

The queer culture writer blames her hatred of men on Trump, but her history of hating men long precedes the President. Beyond her females-only sexual preference, Barrie makes it her constant mission to tell the world how ‘frightening’ men are and how difficult it is to date them.

Besides, as she wrote last May, it is men’s fault she’s gay.

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