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As a young leftist, I marched against war — not words

(Louis Lanzano/Associated Press)

(Louis Lanzano/Associated Press)

In 2003, I was a young liberal high school student who saw that our nation was on the brink of a war with Iraq. Feeling that President Bush was wrong and my beliefs were right, I marched against the war along with more than 10 million people for a distinct purpose. However, in the end, it was all meaningless.

Bush still invaded Iraq, torture still occurred, our civil liberties were eroded, and Democrats did nothing to stop them. After those eight years, President Obama continued Bush’s drone war and assault on civil rights with the passage of NDAA and reconfirmation of the Patriot Act.

Antiwar activists mostly stopped complaining when Obama was President because they put the Democratic Party ahead of all their beliefs.

On Saturday, when 2.9 million people — or about four percent of Hillary Clinton voters — protested Donald Trump, they had no clear mission, purpose, or message. They basically wasted their time.

The Women’s March was a campaign against what and for what? The new left’s message ranged from basic political goals like funding Planned Parenthood and stopping Betsy DeVos to more abstract arguments like toppling the patriarchy and ending abuse.

The most prominent message across the Women’s March was the phrase “P*ssy grabs back,” referring to the leaked tapes of Trump speaking privately years ago. So the feminists held an organized protest against words?

Lee Fang of The Intercept tweeted that he didn’t notice any left-wing organization sign people up for training or focus on Congress.

Without a clear message, end goals, and political arm centered around winning elections and passing legislation, the Women’s March was nothing more than an assembly of the new-left who were determined to feel good about themselves.

Despite going to war and upending order in the Middle East, Bush won re-election. If Trump can manage to stay the course on his plan and put America First, there’s a very likely chance he’ll do the same. No matter how many women wear hats shaped like a uterus, they can’t stop the Trump train.


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