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Irony: Women’s March video says female baby’s life matters

Facebook - Screen Shot

Facebook – Screen Shot

A video produced by the Women’s March on Washington features women and other minorities saying why they will be participating in the Saturday, January 21st march to protest incoming President Donald Trump. Despite the March’s pro-abortion mission, a pregnant woman is featured in the video saying her child’s life matters.

“Why I march,” the video caption begins, followed by a host of women of different ages, two black men, a lesbian couple and their daughter, and one transgender (wo)man explaining why a Trump presidency will threaten their safety.

“Because my life matters,” a black woman says, followed by a brown woman saying, “and my life matters,” and a pregnant Asian woman saying, “and so does hers,” pointing to her belly. The video comes out just days after  white feminists and pro-life groups, respectively, realized they were being completely excluded from the March, despite their missions empowering women.

Interestingly, the number of colored people in the video outnumber the number of white adult females. Chelsea Handler, a vocal anti-Trump activist and comedian, is included in them.

Hander says she is protesting the incoming Trump administration for pledging to defund the controversial abortion-inducing Planned Parenthood, an act she sees as ‘predator’-like and ‘political assault.’

“Women are under a right-wing political assault, and I intend to fight back with all my might against a Republican president, a Republican Congress and the radical, religious right who are drooling to defund Planned Parenthood health services nationwide,” she said“Planned Parenthood is an American institution that is 100 years old, an organization that 2.5 million Americans visit each year.”

March organizers are marketing to participants on a feminist platform, but their supporters are beginning to question whether they really care about women’s issues, or whether they are bound to a wider political agenda.

“Wait, so the woman is pointing at her unborn child and saying ‘because this life matters’ (referring to the fetus) and yet she’s fighting for the chance to kill it?” one person commented on social media.

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