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Inside the ‘DeploraBall’: Trump’s biggest supporters invade DC

There were hundreds of people protesting the Deploraball outside the National Press Building. They couldn't shut down the party. (Photo via Ryan Girdusky)

There were hundreds of people protesting the Deploraball outside the National Press Building. They couldn’t shut down the party. (Photo via Ryan Girdusky)

Of all the parties celebrating Donald Trump’s victory, none are as jubilant than those attending ‘The DeploraBall.” The soirée created by MAGA3X organizer Mike Cernovich featured right-wing internet stars like Lauren Southern, Jim Hoft, and Gavin McInnes (pictured left).

Gavin McInnes

The party on Thursday night, didn’t come without controversy. A left-wing group called #DisruptJ20 threatened to disrupt the event. DJ20 is the same group behind the LGBTQ dance party outside Vice President-Elect Mike Pence’s house on Wednesday night. A secret video captured by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas exposed liberal activists from the group who planned to dump butyric acid in the HVAC system and gas the entire event.

Security around the event was very tight. There were four security checkpoints. According to police, protestors were throwing items at attendees, screaming “you racist scum” and “shame!”

Protesters even released the photo of Cassandra Fairbanks (pictured left with John Binder of Breitbart Texas), who they believe is a traitor for switching from supporting Bernie Sanders to Trump. She was targeted by protestors, who threatened to throw paint at her.

Cassandra Fairbanks

McInnes led a “U-S-A” chant to shut the protesters up, and even got into a confrontation with a young protester.

We’re here to celebrate a new type of Republican Party and a new type of movement, divorced from Paul Ryan and the mainstream.

Sheriff David Clarke summarized how everyone in attendance was feeling while speaking at the event, saying, “Every day I wake up and say hot damn!”

Overall, the event had people of every age, color, gender, and creed. It was fancy and we, deplorables, are celebrating a new kind of America. One, which will be great again.

Here are some other photos from the classy event:

George Washington is swagging out with his #MAGA gear

2017-01-19 20.31.56


God Emperor Trump

The stage is set.

Deploraball stage


Latinas for Trump

American Dream >>>> Mexican Nightmare

Mexican immigrant for Trump

Very Deplorable.


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