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Anti-Trump protesters promote violence days before the inauguration [VIDEO]

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Anti-Trump protestors took to the streets last night outside of the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. to oppose the President-Elect, according to a video captured by WUSA 9.

In the video, which was originally broadcasted on Facebook Live, protesters marched through the streets, chanting “Trump and Pence are illegitimate, Trump and Pence are fascist.” Just a few minutes later, that chant changed to, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” From there, it got even more obscene: “F*** Donald Trump, we don’t need no walls.”

Dozens of police cars can be seen escorting the mob, ensuring the massive protest remained peaceful. Several of the signs they carried referenced a website called, which calls on activists to “Take to the streets. Leave work, leave school. Stand up and join in” to “stop the Trump-Pence regime before it starts.”

“The current angst and outrage could be transformed, in a very short, telescoped period of time, into resistance which reaches such massive proportions, and is characterized by such a depth of determination that it actually creates a ‘crisis of rule,’ and prevents the Trump-Pence fascist regime from consolidating its hold on the governance of society,” the website explains.

One protester even attempted to light himself on fire to protest the upcoming presidential inauguration. He was reportedly treated for burns on 10 percent of his body later that night.

This protest was just one of many that we are expected to see throughout the next few days and into the weekend. The largest of them is expected to be Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, which is anticipating nearly 200,000 attendees.

One group affiliated with the infamous #DisruptJ20 movement, CrimethInc., has decided to go all-out with protest tactics this week. In a recently published article titled, “Ten Reasons to Go Hard on January 20,” the group encourages demonstrators to engage in more inflammatory “tactics and points of intervention,” such as human blockades, citywide marches, and individual-targeted attacks.

“Some are calling for blockades at the checkpoints around the parade route, in hopes that Trump will ride into office in front of silent, empty bleachers,” the article reads. “Others are preparing to rove the city, supporting and defending other protesters and responding to situations as they arise,”  Still others are looking at blocking the transportation infrastructure. Washington, DC offers countless possibilities for self-organized groups to set their own goals and choose their own targets on their own time.”

Plus, the website assures demonstrators considering violence, “The D.C. police will have their hands full.”

The anti-Trump #DisruptJ20 groups plan to march from Union Station to McPherson Square on January 20th. With so many protests being planned, police are preparing themselves for a very long, challenging and, potentially dangerous Inauguration Day. But it’s not just our men and women in uniform who are taking a stand.

A group of Bikers named “Let America Hear US, Roar for Trump” is planning on defending Trump and his supporters at DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C. Ski Bischof, an organizer of the event, explained that while the groups who oppose the President-Elect have a right to protest, Republicans need areas where they can gather as well.

“We’re coming down to show our faith in our President-elect,” Bischof said. “We are one of the few groups down there that are pro-Trump, unfortunately.”


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