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Students: Our liberal colleges made us more conservative


Liberal college professors sometimes try to indoctrinate students, but sometimes all their preaching backlashes. (Facebook)

A sizable number of college professors and high school teachers have a mission to indoctrinate as many students to become far-left liberal activists. The education system has almost become a factory that assemblies social justice warriors to take over their campus and eventually the country.

That plan backfires sometimes and actually makes some students far-right conservatives instead.

“My college wasn’t just liberal, it was anti-conservative,” said Furman University graduate Lauren Cooley to Red Alert Politics. “It forced me to examine my own views and make sure I was comfortable representing them and then able to defend them. In some ways, the aggressive leftist culture on campus made me a more radical conservative because I only had two options: abandon my beliefs and conform or fight back. I chose to fight back and had a blast doing it.”

Liberals who couldn’t win over conservatives simply tried to shut down debate based on someone’s appearance.

“If one group on the liberal side, say Black Lives Matter tells people who may generally agree with their concerns ‘you can’t comment on this issue because you’re white/male/Christian/come from a certain income level’, that person is going to go to the side that is open to hearing them,” said Matt Lamb. “One of my first days at Loyola, which I started as generally socially moderate, if not liberal, someone said during a discussion about abortion ‘if you’re a man you don’t get to talk on this issue’, thereby saying my views weren’t valid (even if I generally agreed with them.’ That leads me, and others, to look at who is willing to listen to them on issues, even if there’s some disagreement.”

Progressive college students demand for people to conform or die doesn’t work for anyone willing to think outside the box.

“I used to be more liberal when I was in high school and when I started college,” Elliott Hamilton said to Red Alert about his experience about Pitzer College. “However, I always found the social justice culture as combative and at times contradictory to classically liberal values. I believe spending enough time listening to progressive talking points that diminished American values like free speech, free press, and defending illiberal ideologies such as radical Islamism helped transform me into a conservative today. It seemed like a natural transition to embrace conservatism since it is the modern embodiment of classical liberalism that defends western civilization.”

Others just wholeheartedly rejected the indoctrination, feeling that professors weren’t encouraging them to think for themselves.

“My school, like all other left-leaning universities, would promote multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance through courses and speaking engagements. These characteristics are well intended, but it seems as though the schools are enabling students to become dependent on kindness and generosity, much like a daycare,” said Christian Spencer, a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park.

Stephen Bader told Red Alert that Millard South High School in Omaha had no Republican student club. Also, administrators were determined to make it as hard as possible for him to start one.

“Although I knew full well these were hoops that liberal (any) clubs did not have to jump through, it only hardened my determination to fight for the cause!” Bader said. “What started as a group intended for discussion and education evolved into one that volunteered strongly for local campaigns, and saw tremendous notoriety and membership! It was like a magnet for more interest every time they tightened their fist. The mindset of ‘Winning is worth it, so go win!’ has stayed with me ten years later. These ideas are beautiful, and deserve the effort!”

If history teaches us anything, coercing the masses to follow one thing will just ensure they do the opposite.

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