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Peter Thiel considering a run for California governor


Republicans may have a chance to win statewide office again in California. (Screenshot)

Over the last 40 years, California has turned from a solidly red state that gave the world Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon into practically a no man’s land for Republicans. The GOP has lost elected offices on every level during the last decade. However, Republicans may have a chance if billionaire investor Peter Thiel announces his bid for Governor.

Politico reported on Saturday that the libertarian-leaning billionaire is actively considering a run for Governor of the Golden State.

Thiel is a difficult figure to pin down. He was an early backer of President-elect Donald Trump, who performed especially poorly in California in 2016. However, he’s willing to take chances and invest money in quixotic libertarians like former Presidential candidate Ron Paul and moderate establishment figures like Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Cali.).

Being a Republican in California is hard and expensive. During the last competitive statewide governor’s race in 2010, Meg Whitman spent about $100 million and only earned a little over 40 percent of the vote.

Thiel has a huge advantage with funding, not only is he worth nearly $3 billion but he’s also been proclaimed ‘the Don’ of the PayPal Mafia which consists of about two dozen tech billionaires who use to work for him including YouTube co-founder Steve Chen and Elon Musk.

Being politically astute enough to back both long-shot ideologues and working within the system may prove that Thiel is the only man who can win statewide for the GOP.

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