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Trump calls CNN ‘fake news’ during crazy press conference [VIDEO]

President-elect Trump hit back at CNN, telling one of the network’s correspondents that he disseminates “fake news.”

“You’re fake news,” Trump said to CNN correspondent Jim Acosta during a press conference Wendesday in New York.

Acosta had tried to shout out a quesiton to Trump, who was railing against CNN for publishing a story the previous day that Trump had been presented with a report by intelligence officials that claimed the Russian government has compromising information on him. Trump told Acosta that he would not call on him.

The information included lewed sex acts that Trump had allegedly participated in during a trip to Russia, according to a dossier published by BuzzFeed. Trump has denied the allegations and other news outlets, including the New York Times and Washington Post, have said they knew of the report well in advance but were unable to substantiate it.

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