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Party of Diversity? GOP staff hirings are more diverse than Democrats

Shaun King's brand of journalism is tainted with pushing fake hate crimes and hoaxes. He's one of the biggest drivers of fake news. (Photo via BET)

Shaun King’s brand of journalism is tainted with pushing fake hate crimes and hoaxes. He’s one of the biggest drivers of fake news. (Photo via BET)

The saying goes that even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. New York Daily News senior justice propagandist Shaun King has found his nut within the Democratic Party (not a pun.)

In his latest column for the Daily News, King revealed that sources within, as he put, the staff of a “popular Democrat in the U.S. Senate,” have explained as Dinesh D’Souza did in Hillary’s America that indeed, the Democrats are not the party of opportunity and diversity. From King:

“They are all so phony,” the staffer told me. “Every time I hear any of the Democratic senators, including my own boss, talk about diversity, I cringe, because it’s all one big lie. That they’ve been allowed to enjoy this reputation as a party that values diversity, while doing next to nothing of substance to align their actions with their words, is expert-level deception.”

“Do you know how many black Chiefs of Staff exist in the Senate? The whole Senate? One. Out of one hundred chances they had to hire a black chiefs of staff, they hired just one African-American,” the staffer said in disgust.

According to the staffer that one black chief of staff, Jennifer DeCasper, works for Republican South Carolina senator Tim Scott. Out of a possible 336 slots that senior staffers fill in the senate, only four are black. Three of those work for Republicans Tim Scott, Thom Tillis (North Carolina) and James Lankford (Oklahoma). The fourth just started working for newly sworn in California Democratic senator Kamala Harris. The lone black senator who does not have a black staffer is Cory Booker, who will probably try to run as Obama 2.0. in 2020, and who recently broke precedent and testified against his former colleague and AG nominee Jeff Sessions, who Booker introduced legislation with in 2015 to honor the marchers at Selma in 1965 with the Congressional Gold Medal.

Just in historical context, the first three black Senators elected were all Republicans, and to really embolden the point, the first two were elected by the Mississippi State Legislature during Reconstruction: Hiram Revels and Blanche Bruce. Bruce was the first black Senator to serve a full term (Revels only served for one year to replace the seat left vacant after the state seceded in 1861), and was also the first to win votes at a national convention, earning eight votes for Vice President at the 1880 Republican National Convention. Meanwhile the first black Democratic senator, Carol Moseley Braun, was not elected until 1992.

While Democrats have, at least for the last 50 years, talked a good game when it comes to diversity, they really have yet to prove that they serve in the best interest of minorities.

Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and Bill Clinton’s Crime Bill continue to produce overall negative effects for the black family unit. As Thomas Frank wrote in The Guardian back in April, “The reason the 1994 crime bill upsets people is not because they stupidly believe Bill Clinton invented these things; it is because they know he encouraged them.” President Clinton still signed that bill into law even after he orated how he understood that the black community was upset with mass incarceration.

As Marco Rubio said during the February 25th GOP Debate on CNN, “I do think it’s amazing that on this stage tonight, there are two descendants from immigrants of Cuban origin (Rubio and Ted Cruz) and an African-American (Ben Carson). We are the party of diversity, not the Democratic Party.” The first black Supreme Court Justice was nominated by a Republican President, and by the way, Clarence Thomas is still not honored in the National Museum of African-American History in Washington.

For a writer like King who so often is quick to attack law enforcement and admits himself that he wears his heart and feelings on his sleeve, it’s refreshing to see consistency and impartiality in his work, and taking his Democratic Party to task for a cause he so intensely fights for.


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