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Milo beats Hillary’s campaign manager to win LGBTQ “Person of the Year”

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Milo Yiannopoulos, provocateur and popular college speaker, has been named the 2016 “Person of the Year” by LGBTQ Nation, which calls itself the “world’s most followed LGBTQ news source.”

This makes Milo the second conservative in a row to win the LGBTQ Nation poll.

Last year, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy won the title. Justice Kennedy was lauded by LGBTQ Nation as one of the “the most forceful advocate for LGBT rights on the bench, taking the lead on opinions striking down sodomy laws, anti-gay ballot measures and, most notably, bans on marriage equality.”

Milo garnered over 70% of the vote, according to an article released by LGBTQ Nation.

He beat other LGBTQ celebrities including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ellen Degeneres, and Robby Mook, who became the first openly gay presidential campaign manager when he led Hillary Clinton’s effort to become president.

LGBTQ Nation was quick to note, “The poll is not an award.”

“Yiannopoulos made the news throughout 2016 and always for truly awful reasons,” they wrote, lamenting Milo “was a queer cheerleader for Donald Trump, whom he called ‘Daddy.’”

The news outlet continued:

For a gay guy from Britain, he has truly made his mark on conservative American politics and entertainment. He’s been able to brand himself the ultimate gay provocateur in a year of provocateurs.

Milo told LGBTQ Nation in a statement that winning their poll wasn’t his only accomplishment. Among his others:

My banishment from Twitter, recently announced book deal (pre-order now!), cross-country college tour, my jawline, and a really cute Siberian fox & sable fur I just snapped up.

Dangerous, Milo’s new book, debuted after a $250,000 book deal between Milo and Threshold Editions, a conservative imprint of Simon and Schuster. It is on pre-order now.

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