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What it’s like to be black and wearing a Trump hat [VIDEO]


Nothing will earn you attacks more than wearing a Trump hat while being black. (Screenshot)

Liberals and Democrats, especially those confined to coastal elitist cities, love to claim that they’re open and tolerant about the idea of diversity. However, when they’re faced with an opinion different than their own, their attitudes are negotiable.

This is particularly the case for minorities who dare to challenge the status quo that they must be progressive and blindly trust Democrats.

Project Veritas taped what happens when a black man dares to walk the streets of New York City with a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat on his head. Needless to say, he wasn’t greeted with open arms for his political diversity.

“Why are you so dumb?” screamed one passerby.

“Be the kind of person that can think for themselves,” said another man trying not to be ironic but failing.

“You take that off,” screamed another black man.

A white man even had the gall to pull him aside and tell him that he was ignorant and lecture him on Nazi Germany. Finally, an argument a Trump supporter has never heard before.

The black Trump supporter received more than 100 hateful comments in the 10 hours he walked around New York City and many other sneers.

Watch the full clip below: