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Sen. Tim Scott destroys race-based liberal attack on Twitter



Liberals have a duel-offensive against Republicans. They criticize their lack of diversity, but at the same time target their most vicious attacks against minority, gay, or female conservatives. They’re trying to ensure as many as possible don’t venture off their progressive ideology.

That’s what progressives on Twitter tried to do to Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), the sole black Republican Senator. When CNN broke the news that he was backing Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, liberals lost it.

“Alabama housen****r Tim Scott comes through for his massa great grandson,” tweeted @ZCigar.

Scott had none of it and owned him with humor.

Also ironically @ZCigar had no idea that Scott was from South Carolina and not Alabama. But, typically, someone with that kind of character is not really looking for facts to make his case.

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