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5 Obama/Clinton policies celebs should have protested the last 8 years

 (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Hollywood’s elite are Democrats first and liberals second. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Speaking in a room full of people who think, act, and believe just as you do is not heroism — it’s living in a safe space. Actors like Meryl Streep and Hugh Laurie who thought they were standing up for progressives values against incoming President Donald Trump would have served their cause much better had they taken a stand over Obama’s tenure.

Despite being a Democrat, President Obama had many significant issues that spit in the face of progressive values. Nonetheless, liberal activists in Hollywood, save Susan Sarandon, never uttered a word in defiance.

Here are five times that progressives in Hollywood should have stood up for their values against the Obama administration over the last eight years but didn’t.

Hillary’s wars: Obama’s first Secretary of State is responsible for causing more death, destruction, and chaos than any other individual in his cabinet. Clinton was a cheerleader for governmental overthrow in Egypt, strong-armed the President into engaging in the overthrow of Libya, and wanted a greater role in overthrowing the Assad regime in Syria.

Despite Clinton’s hawkish foreign policy that is responsible for killing over a million people in the Middle East, almost everyone at the Golden Globes endorsed her.

The Surveillance State: During the Bush Administration, a bevy of Hollywood celebrities railed against the Patriot Act and the war against privacy. When Obama extended that same law in 2011 and 2015 and prosecuted whistleblowers including Edward Snowden for revealing that the NSA was spying on American citizens without a warrant, those brave progressive actors didn’t utter a word.

Drone wars: Obama killed the anti-war left in Hollywood. No one actors were willing to stand on a stage and slam the President for expanding drone bombings in Iraq, Pakistan, and Yemen — killing far more civilians than President Bush. They also didn’t speak up when he became the first modern American President to order the assassination of American citizens.

Mass incarceration for drugs: Celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Bill Maher are known to love their recreational pot, something even the President admitted to enjoying in his youth. Obama did nothing to try and stop the war against cannabis smokers. In fact, his administration had raided more than 100 pot dispensaries during his first three years in office.

NDAA: The National Defense Authorization Act was possibly the biggest invasion of civil liberties during Obama’s tenure, and no one in Hollywood had a problem with it. The NDAA allowed the President to label anyone a terrorist and detain them indefinitely without trial. This horrifying law will be under the control of Donald Trump in less than two weeks.

Despite these invasions of countries and civil liberties, no one in Hollywood stood up, because they’re both not brave and Democrats first and progressives second.

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