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Meryl Streep’s speech: Proof we need more conservatives in the arts

 (Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP)

(Paul Drinkwater/NBC via AP)

At the Golden Globes on Sunday, Meryl Streep played one of her greatest acting roles of her life — she played the part of a brave, outspoken, freedom fighter taking on a brutal fascist who beats down on the weak and disadvantaged. Her acceptance speech the greatest filmed monologue since Charlie Chaplin’s little tramp delivered a soliloquy in the last scene in The Great Dictator.

Of course Streep is none of those things. She’s a self-important multi-millionaire who plays pretend for a living. She’s America’s greatest living court jester.

Standing in front of room filled with rich former Hillary Clinton supporters who make believe they’re Batman, a war hero, or a spy, Streep used her lifetime achievement award to condemn Donald Trump. It wasn’t brave; she was in her safe space. No one was going to boo her or exclaim they had voted Republican in 2016.

Conservatives, libertarians, or right-wingers in general abandoned the arts before millennials were even born. To be cultured or in the arts is to be a progressive, anything else has become heretical.

As someone who dabbles in standup comedy, I understand far too well that conservatives have absolutely no voice in that art form. An endless stream of comedians will mock anything the progressive-left views dangerous — Christianity, family, white people, men, the patriarchy — you name it, and they’ll bash it.

All subjects must be either apolitical or liberal, any attempt to infuse conservative themed principals in comedy are shunned even when the room knows their true.

At one standup performance, I once made a joke where Chelsea Clinton was the punchline.

The Manhattan audience immediately grew silent and angry that I dare to mock someone with their similar political leanings, even though they could all agree with the joke.

Had any comedian got on a stage and mocked any widely known conservative woman, they would have been applauded. Just look how liberal comics treated Ann Coulter at the Comedy Central Roast. They weren’t just making fun of her, they needed to tell her that they really hated her.

Maybe if Meryl Streep was receiving the award with a mixed audience she would have focused on the power of art, her struggles to make it, or gave an uplifting message to aspiring actresses, rather than showing her bravery in a safe space full of people who thought exactly like she did.

In order to get any footing with the media-at-large, younger millennials, and polite society, conservatives need to start involving, working, and financing art and culture again.

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