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The Left’s visceral hate of Trump is causing racism and radicalism to flourish



Last Tuesday, people all over the world were saddened, horrified, and disturbed by what they read and saw on their TV screens. This is a story that personally troubled me and left me seeking answers as to why this happened.

In my very own hometown of Chicago, four African American youth did the unthinkable. They held a mentally disabled white man captive, torturing him for hours, and proudly posted videos of the act on Facebook for all to see. For six hours, they forced the victim to drink toilet water, cut him with a knife, and coerced him to say “I love black people.” Someone in the group also said, “F— Trump” and “F— white people.”

Now, the four suspects face felony charges including aggravated kidnapping, hate crime, aggravated unlawful restraint, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. One of the culprits was also charged with robbery, residential burglary, and possession of a stolen motor vehicle. Also, another has been charged with residential burglary.

Even with the victim getting justice, and the assailants being charged, in my search for answers I have realized that this is indicative of a larger issue. The Left has been so full of visceral hate of President-elect Donald Trump winning the general election that it created an environment for this kind of hate and racism to flourish.

We see this in attack after attack on Trump supporters or assumed Trump supporters all over this country. Look no further than Chicago, where a man named David Wilcox was brutally beaten by three men as onlookers screamed “You voted Trump?! Damn, he voted Trump.” “Don’t vote Trump!” they sneered as he was dragged out of his car, punched, and kicked. The man then had his arm put through the back window with the window rolled up, trapping his arm inside the car. The car was driven through traffic, dragging the man along with it.

Though Wilcox did vote for Trump, the attackers didn’t even know that when they beat him. They simply assumed he did because he was, as they put it, a “white boy.”

We don’t know if the white mentally disabled man in Chicago voted Trump or not, but because he’s white, it was good enough for his violent and hate-filled attackers to torture him and assume he voted for Trump.

When does this stop? When does the Left accept the results of the election, and stop giving out trophies to those who perpetrate the most heinous acts against Trump supporters or Trump himself?

The popular culture that wins the day is the person who says or does the harshest thing against Donald Trump. What’s most disheartening is the leaders on the Left are not speaking out against this and protesting like they would and have in other instances.

If Hillary Clinton had won the general election, and this happened to some of her supporters, there would be strong condemnation from the Left. Perhaps some would suggest enacting new laws to protect Clinton supporters. The Left damn sure isn’t saying “let’s not attack Trump supporters.” To the contrary, they have encouraged this kind of behavior time and time again. In October, it was revealed that operatives working for the Democratic National Committees sent agitators to Donald Trump rallies in an attempt to cause violence — an effort that was supported by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

My concern is this kind of behavior becomes more widespread and instead of us healing the divide of our country and uniting together, the Left stands silent and lets this reprehensible behavior continue to go unchecked.

I ask the Left to reconsider. This is a moment where we must speak out, pray for our country, and unite together.

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