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Contrast: Eric Trump fundraises for children’s hospital, celebs for abortion


Eric Trump raises money for sick children while Hollywood progressives do the same for abortions providers. (AP)

Liberals love to lambaste Republicans that they only care about children while they’re in the womb and forget about the disadvantaged once they’re born. If actions speak louder than words, then Eric Trump is showing much more compassion than progressives in Hollywood.

Eric Trump raised more than $16 million for St. Jude’s Children Hospital, reported The New York Times on Friday.

“I am amazed by the many ways that you have personally embraced our cause for our children and families,” Richard C. Shadyac Jr., president of the hospital’s fundraising organization, said to the Times. “As you are aware, we are expanding our lifesaving work and are working to push cure rates even higher in this country and around the world, while improving the lives of survivors by developing and advancing treatments that reduce side effects,” he wrote, referencing St. Jude’s work against pediatric cancer. “We are only able to do this because of the support provided by donors and supporters like you.”

Trump said he shares St. Jude’s mission statement of treating pediatric cancer and plans on fundraising for them even after his father is inaugurated.

While Trump was helping to save children, major Hollywood celebrities were fundraising to abort them.

CNN reported that 20 celebrities including Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judd Apatow, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Guest, and Tim Robbins are planning a telethon-style fundraiser for Planned Parenthood on January 20, the same day Donald Trump will be sworn into office.

Planned Parenthood is calling it a “Love-a-thon” fundraiser, because what says love more than abortion?

This is in reaction to Speaker Paul Ryan and President-elect Trump’s commitment to repeal federal funding to the abortion provider and redirect to pro-life women’s organizations that provide healthcare.

Actions speak volumes, and Eric’s love trumps progressives’ hate.


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