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Politicians deserve sh-t? High-schoolers will send it to them for you

(via Flickr)

(via Flickr)

A pair of high school students are offering to send a “box of poop” to the “sh**ty” politician of your choosing for just $9.99.

By placing an order on their site,, you can get ‘Jules’ and ‘Gabe’ to ship your “hot steaming box of ‘day ruining’ poop to your most beloved” politician’s address within just one week. The website, based out of Texas, claims the final product will include 125 grams of manure in a plastic box with a personalized message.

“Give us any politicians name during checkout (Trump? Hillary! Pat Mcrory!?),” the website suggests.

Although the site first appears to cater to both Democrats and Republicans, the students say they plan to send proceeds from their campaign to notoriously leftist organizations such as UNICEF, ACLU, and Planned Parenthood.

(via Screenshot)

(via Screenshot)

“Those are organizations which we and our supporters passionately stand behind, but are unfortunately all being targeted by Trump and other politicians,” the students, insisting on remaining anonymous, told Red Alert Politics.

A ‘testimonial’ at the bottom of the webpage indicates a customer already ordered a box of poop be sent to Republican former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, which the students refer to as “Mcrory.”

The students refuse to disclose their exact ages, but their frequent spelling and grammar mistakes on their webpage hint they are likely on the younger side.

Asked for their intentions, the students indicate they are politically motivated.

“We’re not looking for a reaction, per se, it’s more of a call to action! and we’re calling amongst those who don’t agree with the currently political landscape to stand up and we’re giving them a platform to do so,” they wrote to Red Alert Politics, emphasizing the options on their website to choose whether to donate to UNICEF, ACLU, or Planned Parenthood.

“Trump specifically said we should ‘do our research before donating,’ and we want to encourage individuals to donate to UNICEF,” the website states. “Because research shows that UNICEF has made lasting change, and continues to serve the most vulnerable communities.”

The same students led a similar campaign last week which involved sending vagina-shaped lollipops to the Trump Headquarters in New York in protest of his infamous “grab her by the p***y” comments.

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