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Liberals issue ‘Privilege Cards’ for white Christian straight males

(Casa Girl)

New privileged cards can be handed out to all the people liberals love to hate. (Casa Girl)

Liberals are obsessed with the idea of privilege — that someone is doing better than them or happier than them simply because they were born in a system that secretly benefited them. Anytime someone tries to explain why this is a false pretense, social justice warriors scream that someone’s privilege is showing and now with the help of one progressive woman from Brooklyn, they can issue someone a privilege card.

The company Casa Girl started creating ‘Privilege Cards‘ so that way social justice warriors could tell people directly but not aggressively that he/she/xe doesn’t agree with something that was said and needs to return to their safe space.

Fabiola, the Brooklyn-based owner of Casa Girl, had previously only made Kardashian, Beyoncé, and Drake fan paraphernalia. However, recently she decided to dive into social justice warrior theme products including a Planned Parenthood calendar. Additionally, she made gravestone stickers celebrating the death of student debt, the male ego, the glass ceiling, white privilege, gender roles, and, of course, haters.

Privilege cards can be issued to any of the following: males, white people, those with good socioeconomic standing, Christians, heterosexuals, able-bodied, and citizens.

All profits of the five dollar privilege cards go to Atlas DIY, a center for illegal immigrant youth — it’s good to get the money to them now before Trump deports them all.

The question remains if citizenship is a status of privilege, can a drivers license, passport, or birth certificate trigger a social justice warrior?

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