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Economist to millennials: Chanting slogans won’t get you a job [EXCLUSIVE]

If social justice warriors continue down the path they're on, they'll be angry AND broke & unemployed. (Photo via AP)

If social justice warriors continue down the path they’re on, they’ll be angry AND broke & unemployed. (Photo via AP)

The U.S. economy has been recovering steadily since the 2008 stock market crash, but for most Americans, particularly millennials, it hasn’t recovered quickly enough.

On Friday morning, the Obama administration reported that 156,000 jobs had been added in December, but the unemployment rate rose from 4.6 percent to 4.7 percent. That brings President Obama’s net total jobs created to 11.3 million, which by comparison, trounces President George W. Bush’s 2.1 million jobs created.

“11-plus million jobs is a very pathetic showing in an economy our size,” economist Peter Morici told Red Alert Politics in an interview.

Morici believes Obama’s mission of social justice played a large role in college graduates majoring in liberals arts and not being able to find jobs in their specific field, rendering them broke and in their parents’ basement.

“[Millennials] will be saddled with heavy student debt,” Morici explained. “They were sold the notion by Barack Obama that going to college and majoring in whatever you like, but most of all poetry, feminist studies, anti-Americanism, would get you a job. …Then they come out into the world and they find out that chanting slogans doesn’t get them a job.”

Morici continued to rail against social justice warriors, saying that millennials who are entering college need to “stop listening to the people on campus who spend their time chanting the Obama rhymes” if they are to get a good education and a high-paying job after graduation.

“There’s nothing wrong with students worrying about social justice, we all want a just society,” Morici said. “But it’s enforcing it in the speech and thought patterns of people and that’s obnoxious.”

Morici went on to say that there’s plenty of room for students to study the humanities if they want a job at “Starbucks for 10 bucks an hour.”

Listen to the whole interview below:


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