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Big media: It’s time to ‘check your privilege’

2016 killed a lot of celebrities, but above all, it killed journalistic integrity. (Photo via AP)

2016 killed a lot of celebrities, but above all, it killed journalistic integrity. (Photo via AP)

In 2017, the mainstream media needs to wake up to reality and check their privilege.

The media world is no longer dominated by a singular, narrow minded, ‘progressive’ establishment viewpoint. It’s now a buzzing, vibrant community that is populated by a smorgasbord of different voices, opinions and angles.

With the advent of the Internet, anyone can now be a citizen journalist. Modern technology such as social media has opened new doors and expanded horizons for small media outlets. A journalist can now “attend” a press conference via live stream as opposed to the traditional chore of getting on a plane bound for the press conference location.

As Internet media pioneer Matt Drudge said at the National Press Club in 1998, “With a modem, anyone can follow the world and report on the world-no middle man, no big brother. I guess this changes everything.”

Yes it does, and has, changed everything. Matt was right.

The media world has changed over the last 20 years. We’ve seen a major paradigm shift. The corporate controlled media establishment no longer holds the mysterious power, sway and influence that it once held in its heyday.

Small independent outlets are no longer the underdogs. We as a collective have gotten to that point where we are now able to face up to the ‘establishment’ bullies and make it clear that we are not to be messed with. We are now a force to be reckoned with.

When I refer to the death of mainstream media, it’s the death of a monopolistic, one-sided collective which dominated the news industry for so many decades.

It was an empire which was built up and brought to a climax by corporate funding and an aggressive agenda  —  namely cultural Marxism. The same agenda that raised them up is the one that sent them crashing down.

And that’s thanks to decades of insulting the intelligences of their viewers and readers through stories heavily laced with malevolent political agendas and propaganda.

In a desperate attempt to salvage some scrap of non-existent credibility, they try to smear the reputations of those who are committed to the traditional gold standards of uncompromising journalism.

This is evidenced in things like the latest “fake news” narrative which is nothing less than an all-out assault on free speech and the concept of a free press.

Why would they resort to such malicious behavior if everything was rosy for them? The answer is pretty simple: the masses are migrating to independent media. It’s an exodus that has become a populist fad and hordes of people are riding that wave.

I see it as a ride into freedom from the boundaries, the confines of ‘approved’ narratives, bias and propaganda.

This is what rattles the establishment and makes them deathly sick with worry over their future.

Lying and deceitfulness will always catch up to you. And that’s precisely what’s happened to the mainstream media. They are experiencing death by suicide. Their trail of lies and deceit has caught up with them and has ultimately lead to their demise.

2016 was indeed a challenging year for independent media; however, in many ways it was also a fantastic and highly successful year.

The year ahead and beyond looks promising. With the dinosaur media on the way out the door, the future looks bright. I believe we will always deal with ongoing attempts at censorship and defamation but that will never, ever stop the truth from getting out to the masses.

Bring it on, I say.

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