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Millennials should listen to Dana Perino’s advice

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

Fox News’ Dana Perino rang in the New Year by giving us millennials some professional advice — and yes, we should take it.

I know we’re all sick of listening to our elders tell us all the things we’re doing wrong, but Perino is worth listening to not only because she’s successful, but because she actually cares. While older generations often talk about all of us “lazy” and “entitled” millennials, Perino has actually expressed how great she thinks we are on more than one occasion, even once tweeting, “I love the millennials!” So, she truly does have our best interests at heart, and she’s been there.

At just 35-years-old, she became White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush after working for two congressmen and serving in several communications-related roles in the government. Since her time in the White House, she’s run her own consulting firm, snagged a co-host role on The Five, and authored two books. Needless to say, she knows her stuff.

“Just as I try to find ways to be more productive every year for myself, I also look for tips to pass on to young professionals,” she writes. “Come on, millennials – this is your year. Let’s do this!”

This is our year. So, here’s a quick rundown of her top 5 mentoring tips for our generation:

1.Perfect your poker face: In the face of adversity, “keep a smile on your face and deal with it in order to keep the day on a positive note.”

2.Resist up-talking and apologizing:

-Stop ending your sentences with a question: “Up-talking” is a common way millennials communicate with peers, but it reduces credibility in the workplace,” Perino says. “Speak slowly, and deeply from your diaphragm.”

-Remove the words “just” and “that” from your emails: “By removing these two words from your email lingo, your correspondence will become more direct and assertive as a result.”

-Stop apologizing to your boss for doing your job: “If you apologize when you send an email or present your product, it immediately sheds doubt on your work before your boss has even seen it. It also comes across as insecure – not a trait you want to portray in the workplace.”

3.Make posture a priority: “Young adults are going to have neck and upper back problems as a result of constantly leaning down to look at their phones. Good posture is not just professional, it is also important for the health of the rest of your body and muscles.”

4.Leave your home office: “Networking is a muscle – it needs to be worked,” Perino says. “Sign-up for a young professionals group, an art class, or hit up a local seminar or event that sounds interesting to you. Get out there and meet some people.”

5.Stretch and save your dollar: “America’s largest generation in the workforce cannot afford to gamble their retirement. Time to make saving a priority and take control of your finances.”

And there you have it — great advice from a very wise Gen-X’er. Here’s her full column.

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