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No men allowed: Feminists push for female-only work spaces

 (AP Photo/Michel Euler)

(AP Photo/Michel Euler)

Baby boomers often mock whiny liberal college students who complain about being triggered, thinking that they would be forced to grow up when they hit the workforce. Well now, progressive millennials are moving into the private sector and demanding that they get a safe space.

Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday that millennials, who love the social justice lifestyle in college, are demanding that certain co-working spaces areas be designated as “women only.”

Co-working areas exclusive to females have become popular in many liberal hubs including New York City, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Southern California, and Washington, D.C.

Successful progressive women including J.Crew President Jenna Lyons, rapper Remy Ma, and Leandra Medine are jumping at the chance to work in a safe space — void of different ideas, rape culture, and, most of all, men.

“A third of the Wing’s members are from Brooklyn, most are in their 20s or 30s, and pretty much all of them look like they stepped out of an Urban Outfitters ad,” Bloomberg reported.

Gender segregated co-work spaces are just the beginning. The swarm of liberal college students are going to try to transform the private sector the same way they changed higher education.

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