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Kid does the Dab in front of Paul Ryan, is now grounded [VIDEO]

Rep. Roger Marshall's son wanted Paul Ryan to look at his dab. He did, and didn't get it. Now, Marshall's son is grounded. (Photo via AP)

Rep. Roger Marshall’s son wanted Paul Ryan to look at his dab. He did, and didn’t get it. Now, Marshall’s son is grounded. (Photo via AP)

Paul Ryan is not about that trap life.

During Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremonies of Senators, Congressmen, and Congresswomen, a newly sworn-in lawmaker’s son decided to do the “Dab” when posing for pictures with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The teen’s father, Rep. Roger Marshall (R-Kansas), was none too pleased. His son, Cal, was tasked with holding the Bible during the photo, but additionally raised his left elbow and tucked his head into his sleeve. That’s half of the dabbing motion created and popularized by the Georgia trap trio Migos.

“You all right?” Ryan asked. “You want to put your hand down?”

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry,” the teen giggled.

“Were you going to sneeze, is that it?” Ryan asked.

“He’s sneezing,” Rep. Marshall said.

Now, he’s grounded.

It’s not the first time that the Dab has intersected with politics as it appears the only member of Congress to do the dance is Rep. Loretta Sanchez during a California Senate debate in October.

And I was never planning on mentioning this because it is perhaps the worst re-enactment of the Dab I’ve ever witnessed, but here you go:

Yes, then-presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attempted to do the Dab on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. It was beyond awful and Hillary should never be allowed within 100 yards of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff.

If you’re looking to get on that Migos wave, check out their NSFW song “Look at my Dab” below: