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Hate crime: 4 adults beat white man on Facebook Live, screaming “F— Trump” [VIDEO]



The media has become obsessed with hate crimes against minorities and women. No matter how many of them are proven fake, they always report on each and every single one because they drive the narrative that Republicans and Trump supporters are animals.

Well, Chicago police have arrested an actual race-based crime that was live-streamed on Facebook showing four young black adults kidnapping and torturing a white man while screaming “f*** Donald Trump” and “f*** white people.”

Fox 32 Chicago reported on Wednesday that all four people in the video had been arrested and their victim is alive and in a hospital.

The two videos uncovered so far shows the kidnappers force the victim to drink toilet water. They punched and kicked him while laughing and chanting “F*** Donald Trump.” Only one of the individuals in the room addressed any concern that the incident wasn’t funny.

Brittany Herring broadcasted the entire beating on Facebook Live, and her image and name instantly went viral online, just as she predicted in the video.

So far, no charges have been filed, as the Chicago Police could not confirm if it was a hate crime, though the video makes it pretty clear.

For those with a strong stomach, you can watch the videos of them torturing him here and here.

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