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Anti-Trump protest in chaos: Liberals bicker over who is worst victim



Progressives, furious about the election of Donald Trump, created a rally against the 45th president set for the day after his inauguration. However, the whole protest has already descended into chaos because like all things modern liberals touch, the organizers have decided to make the event about race, class, and victimhood.

Shikha Dalmia wrote in The Week on Monday that the Women’s March on Washington had descended into chaos thanks to social justice warriors who turned the rally into a conversation about victimhood rather than a protest specifically directed at Trump.

“The march is shaping up to be a feel-good exercise in search of a cause,” Dalmia wrote.

Everything from the name of the event to the women highlighted to march in it has been argued about in front of the public eye.

“As if such bickering over semantics wasn’t enough, the Facebook page of the event is rife with arguments about whether an event organized primarily by white women can be sufficiently ‘intersectional’ — or attuned to the issues faced by, say, poor minority women who reside at the ‘intersection’ of class, race, and gender concerns in America,” Dalmia continued.

The Facebook page is stocked with endless whining from social justice warriors about how the event should highlight different grievance groups.

In typical social justice warrior fashion, they overly highlight the issues of LGTBQ, minority, and immigrant women. The conversation rarely talks about policy, never discusses future elections, or how to craft their frustrations into a coalition capable of winning elections.

Whenever any participants complained that the conversation had diverted away from Trump and into more of a discussion about social justice, they were shut down and shamed.

This is why the social justice left is doomed to fail. They are the modern day reincarnation of the French Revolution, endlessly dividing and eating their own. Moderate liberals and disenfranchised independents won’t be able to find a home among progressives squawking about privilege.

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