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Ellen DeGeneres’ selective tolerance

TV host Ellen DeGeneres axed a gospel singer from coming on her show because she expressed her religious beliefs against homosexuality. (Photo via AP)

TV host Ellen DeGeneres axed a gospel singer from coming on her show because she expressed her religious beliefs against homosexuality. (Photo via AP)

Ellen DeGeneres has decided to disinvite gospel singer Kim Burrell for expressing the unthinkable Christian belief that homosexuality is a sin. God forbid!

After a video released revealing that Ms. Burrell openly spoke about her personal convictions in a church sermon, the leftist media erupted.

Burrell, an award-winning artist, is featured on the soundtrack for the much-anticipated movie Hidden Figures. She was scheduled to appear on NBC’s Ellen Show before the theatrical release of the film.

Many, including contributors to the film, decided to take Burrell’s religious beliefs as a personal offense just to prove how socially virtuous they are.

Music producer Pharrell Williams stated, “I condemn hate speech of any kind. There is no room in this world for any kind of prejudice. My greatest hope is for inclusion and love for all humanity in 2017 and beyond.”

Pharrell is sadly mistaken. Regardless of personal distaste for Burrell’s rhetoric, there is plenty of room for her to freely express herself. To go as far as to say that the gospel singer participated in hate-speech is a weak fascist tactic to silence those who may share her view.

This scenario puts host Ellen DeGeneres, who’s openly gay, into an ideological bind. Back in 2008, Ellen had Sen. John McCain as a guest on her show. The senator was running for president at the time and held the same stance as Burrell concerning same-sex marriage. Ellen, still agreeing to allow him on the show, was adamant about breaching the subject. They have strongly disagreed, but she was willing to sit down with McCain.

It is quite astonishing. Ellen approved having an old, white, male Republican as a guest on her show. Now, she has decided to resist having an African-American, female, gospel singer grace her studio. This seemingly daring move to appease the public frames the decision to be mildly sexist and racist.

Now, it seems the joke is on Ellen.

The whole theme of the Hidden Figures film was to shine a light on the brilliance of humanity regardless of the sex or ethnicity of the individual. It was a halcyon call. The Left and their relentless tear to pander to identity politics just squashed the film’s purpose.

So long as the Left continues to accept every offense they can get their hands on, they will burn out their motivation as well as coherent conviction.

The truly beautiful thing about American society is that when someone else holds a view that opposes their own; neither are not obligated to care. The sooner the Left chooses to accept that fact, the sooner they will be able to coexist the way they say they strive to.

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