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Professor offers credit for attending anti-Trump “radical teach-in”

Georgetown is a hotbed for politics, but now it's becoming a cesspool of liberal indoctrination. (Photo via Georgetown)

Georgetown is a hotbed for politics, but now it’s becoming a cesspool of liberal ideology. (Photo via Georgetown)

We knew that college campuses around the country are a hotbed of liberal and progressive indoctrination where free speech is shunned and dissent is not welcomed. However, we didn’t know that students were given incentives to further their liberalism.

According to Campus Reform, April Sizemore-Barber, a Women’s and Gender Studies professor at Georgetown University, offered credit to her students from the course she taught on the AIDS epidemic to attend an anti-Trump “radical teach-in.”

What does the AIDS epidemic have to do with crowdsourcing ways in a liberal echo chamber to resist President-elect Trump and his incoming administration? Sounds bizarre.

The “radical teach-in” wasn’t mandatory, but it was offered in place of attending an AIDS-related event, all of which were off-campus and/or required a donation to attend.

“You also have the option of attending this teach in event tomorrow and reflecting on its approach to activism, teaching, and on-campus advocacy,” Sizemore-Barber wrote in a class email obtained by Campus Reform. “Though it does not directly reflect on HIV, your write up should make an effort to relate it to the class and to world events more generally. What will activism look like under trump? [sic]”

An anonymous student said that they felt obligated to attend the anti-Trump event because “the other options, which were related to AIDs/HIV, were not easily accessible and often required paying a fee, which was not realistic since I am a low-income student.”

The student said he left halfway through the “teach-in” because he was “exhausted from the radical rhetoric that demonized anything to the right of Stalin.”

Maybe instead of promoting intolerant Leftist professors disparaging Muslim Trump voters, Georgetown should shine a light on their professors indoctrinating their low-income students with their liberal agenda.

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