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Muslim Trump voter fires back at liberal critics [EXCLUSIVE]

Muslim journalist Asra Nomani has been dragged through the mud over her support for Donald Trump. Now, she's responding. (Photo via WV Living)

Muslim journalist Asra Nomani has been dragged through the mud over her support for Donald Trump. Now, she’s responding. (Photo via WV Living)

It’s not often that you spot a political unicorn, but when they appear and they speak, you’ll surely find an angry liberal. Or lots of them.

That’s the case with Asra Nomani, a Muslim journalist, a single mother, and an immigrant from India — who voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

In an exclusive interview with Red Alert Politics, Nomani expressed her disappointment with how little outrage has been expressed by the mainstream media and liberals for the hate that’s been directed towards her.

“This is just a clear-cut story of a person who’s experienced hate,” Nomani told Red Alert. “Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit the narrative that is in most of our media outlets of the ‘ugly Trump voter’ harassing the head-scarf Muslim woman.”

Nomani, 51, who identifies as a lifelong Muslim liberal, went into the voting booth as a silent undecided voter, and came out as a proud Trump voter. In an op-ed written on the Washington Post, she explains that her motivations to vote for the Republican nominee at the time stemmed from the difficulties of dealing with Obamacare, and Trump’s approach to dealing with terrorist organizations like the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

Her support for Trump hasn’t gone unnoticed with intolerant Leftists, who will do anything in their power to shame and discredit the influential writer and author.

C. Christine Fair, an associate professor at Georgetown University (where Nomani also taught briefly), went on a disparaging social media rant calling Nomani a “wretch” and a “psycho shrew.”

In the recorded interview with Red Alert, Nomani addresses “liberal feminist” Fair’s inappropriate rant, saying, “What I’ve seen is the same disturbing caricature of Trump voters as haters.”

Listen to the entire interview with Asra Nomani below:

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