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Liberal feminists’ plan to “resist” Trump? 50,000 comic books



In response to the election results, artists have created a radical feminist comic book to highlight illustrations that focus “on the theme of political resistance to the forces of intolerance.”

The comic book called RESIST! was created as a collaboration between the art director of The New Yorker, Françoise Mouly, her daughter Nadja Spiegelman, and Gabe Fowler, the publisher of a quarterly comic book anthology called Smoke Signal.

“There was a need to be making something rather than sitting around feeling helpless,” Spiegelman told NY Mag.

“And this felt like a way of giving voice to something that needed to exist.”

After the three collaborators had settled on their idea, a website was launched, and a call for submissions was extended. Within a few days, they received over a thousand comic submissions and over $4,000 in donations — enough to print over 30,000 copies.

Nadja Spiegelman told Red Alert that they were “originally planning on publishing 30,000 copies, but with the awe-inspiring financial support we’ve received from hundreds of people ordering advanced copies from our website, we’re now hoping to print as many as 50,000.”

“Anyone can submit comics or illustrated graphics to RESIST!, though women are especially encouraged.  All submissions should be on the theme of NOT OUR PRESIDENT,” says RESIST!’s submission page.

Many of the submissions RESIST! has received are on their website.

Among their messages: “Build a Wall Around Trump” by Julie Wilson, an artist living in Santa Monica, “We Shall Overcomb Trump” by artist Kristina Lee, and “We Are Going to Mars, the World is Too Scary for Us” by Ozge Samanci, a professor at Northwestern University.



The comic book will be distributed at the Women’s March in Washington D.C on January 21st, which “is an INCLUSIVE march, is FREE to join and EVERYONE who supports women’s rights are welcome,” according to their Facebook Event page.

Over 170,000 people have RSVPed for the march through Facebook, and nearly 250,000 people have indicated interest in attending.

The Women’s March will be held the day after Trump’s inauguration.

While the event was not initially planned to be an anti-Trump protest, it seems the event has taken a little bit of a turn given the election results. Anti-Trump protesters are planning on attending, and Planned Parenthood has since become an official partner of the event.



The RESIST! team is also looking for volunteers to help distribute copies of the comic book in major metropolitan areas. Spiegelman told Red Alert that they’re “nearing confirmation that we’ll be able to distribute 5,000 copies each in Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL, Des Moines, Iowa” and that they’re also hoping to get copies in Austin, TX and San Francisco.

With all of the support for their radical feminist comic book, the question remains: will there be more than one copy?

Spiegelman told Red Alert that a second edition might be a possibility.

“Right now, all of our energy is focused on creating this one issue and making it as strong as possible. We’re scrambling to get everything to the printer as I write this. We’ve been awed and overwhelmed by the scale this project took on – it’s heartening, and it feels invigorating to be making something together with all these artists, but it’s a lot of work. One step at a time – we wouldn’t rule out doing a second issue, but it’s not something we can think about right now.”

In addition to the thousands of copies of RESIST! that will be handed out at the Women’s March, there is also a pre-order form for those wishing to secure a copy.

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