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University to open gun range to fight terrorists, promote gun education

Liberty University will be the first campus to build a gun range on college grounds. That's big for the gun rights movement. (Photo via AP)

Liberty University will be the first campus to build a gun range on college grounds. That’s big for the gun rights movement. (Photo via AP)

How do you keep your college campus stays conservative and ensure that no liberal tries applying to your institution? Build a gun range.

At Liberty University, administrators are set to open a state-of-the-art shooting range on campus next fall in order to promote gun ownership, firearm sports, and beef up security in the event of a terrorist attack.

According to Brad Butler, Liberty’s planning and construction coordinator, the gun range will be the first of its kind in the United States.

“Around 350 universities in this country participate in some form of shooting competition, and around 30 of those universities own outdoor shooting facilities off campus. However, Liberty will be the first university to have nationally recognized ranges that meet NRA and NCAA guideline standards and be able to host all Olympic shooting sports on its central campus property,” Butler told Students at Liberty for Gun Rights.
Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr. told the Washington Post that he’s excited for this new chapter in the University’s 45-year history.
“This is one of the examples of how Liberty is unique and different,” Falwell said. “We really had the perfect setting for our own competitive shooting range.”
Falwell continued to say that while he looks forward to the gun range being opened, he was a bit nervous pitching it to parents who were considering sending their teens to Liberty. “We have a very pro-Second Amendment student body. I was a little timid about telling parents about it because I thought some would be worried, but I never got such enthusiastic applause.”
Liberty is taking quite a bold approach to gun rights on college campuses considering the fact that students in Texas and Wisconsin have been protesting concealed carry laws in their respective states. Liberal students have been carrying dildos and other sex toys to voice their outrage over their state legislatures drafting and adopting expanded concealed carry laws that allow gun owners to carry their firearms on college campuses.
Maybe it’s time more college campuses build shooting ranges to teach their students gun safety, but also how to properly fire a weapon. Those are life skills that are well worth learning.

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