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Milo leads LGBTQ Nation’s ‘Person of the Year’ poll, beats Ellen and Robby Mook

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“The Kanye West of Journalism” strikes again. (Image via Facebook)

Milo Yiannopoulos, alt-right provocateur and technology editor for Breitbart News, is now leading LGBTQ Nation’sPerson of the Year” poll.

The poll, which began last week, lists a number of “standouts in the LGBTQ community” people can vote for. Among these standouts include Ellen Degeneres, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Robby Mook (the first openly gay person to work as a presidential campaign manager), and, more generally, the “trans community” and the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Milo received more votes than all nine of his competitors.

LGBTQ Nation has been quick to note that “The poll is not an award.”

“It is a reader-driven decision on the year’s top newsmaker. Hate them or love them, everyone on the list were regulars in 2016’s newscycle.”

Last year, the LGBTQ Nation’s Person of the Year was Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kennedy has “become the most forceful advocate for LGBT rights on the bench, taking the lead on opinions striking down sodomy laws, anti-gay ballot measures and, most notably, bans on marriage equality,” LGBTQ nation wrote.   

To “celebrate” Kennedy’s achievements, LGBTQ Nation gave readers a list of “the most eloquent quotes culled from the legal rulings of this unexpected poet laureate of same-sex love.”

If Milo wins, he will be the second conservative in a row to win their yearly poll. Justice Kennedy has a long history with conservatism, following his father’s path.

LGBTQ Nation did not respond to a request on whether they would celebrate Milo if he keeps his lead through the end of the poll.

Voting will remain open until December 31.

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