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Texas’ first semester of campus carry: A huge success.

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

The state of Texas just finished its first semester with statewide campus carry laws, and the results are a smashing success for gun rights advocates.

According to school administrators at West Texas A&M (WTAMU), the new legislation has performed better than anyone could have expected, even liberals. Students carrying concealed weapons have followed the laws and acted responsibly.

“It’s been totally a non-issue,” said one school administrator. “It’s really not had an impact on our campus life whatsoever.”

The success of campus carry is sure to infuriate campus gun control advocates, who responded to the passage of the new law by staging a protest with sex toys back in August.

The protest, “Cocks not Glocks,” inspired thousands of students at UT-Austin to gather to wave dildo sex toys in public. Gun control advocates have complained that while guns are now allowed on campus, sex toys are still considered obscene.

Despite their efforts, campus carry went off without a hitch. Only a single incident was reported this fall involving an accidental discharge at Tarleton State University, in which no one was injured.

Unfortunately for gun control advocates, the vast majority of gun owners are responsible Americans who understand the importance of safety when carrying a firearm, including those who are college students.

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