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Professor: Campuses aren’t ‘liberal echo chambers’ (he’s so wrong)

A college professor doesn't believe that campuses are liberal echo chambers. Maybe he doesn't get that perception is reality. (Photo via AP)

A college professor doesn’t believe that campuses are liberal echo chambers. Maybe he doesn’t get that perception is reality. (Photo via AP)

As free speech on college campuses continues to die at the hands of political correctness, there’s a beacon of hope with a new president in Donald Trump.

The President-elect campaigned on the promise of ending political correctness, and now liberal professors feel threatened. They’re on a warpath to condemn critics of college campuses, and are trying to tell the rest of us that it really isn’t that bad.

Aaron R. Hanlon, an English professor at Colby College, is one of those few leading the charge and reassuring the public that college campuses aren’t liberal echo chambers.

In response to progressive New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who pointed out that college campuses were the worst places for conservative thought, Hanlon wrote about his account after Trump got elected:

“Liberals on campus had sheltered themselves from the real world, but this was not the case at Colby College, where I teach. I know a lot of our students and faculty were upset, but I didn’t witness students weeping in despair about the impending Trump presidency, or looking to censor views they don’t share. Yes, some professors canceled classes. But most didn’t. I taught my classes as usual and left my office door open for students looking to talk politics—of any persuasion. Like my colleagues, I wasn’t concerned only for students fearful of Trump, but also those who supported him and might now feel embattled.”

Maybe Hanlon is one of the few liberal professors who outwardly profess what they practice, but perception is reality. College campuses are liberal echo chambers.

Take for example, Olga Perez Stable Cox, the professor at Orange Country College who was recorded saying that Trump’s win was an “act of terrorism.” I’m sure it definitely felt like a free and fair debate when Cox started shaming her students who supported the President-elect.

What about the conservative student at Rutgers who was fired by the school newspaper for his political views? Surely, that’s not a liberal echo chamber, is it?

Those are just a couple of examples that happened in the last couple of months. This past year, however, liberal students have been trying to (and some successfully) shut down conservative speakers from delivering their Right-leaning message to students. Conservatives like Milo Yiannopoulos have received death and bomb threats from angry liberals to prevent them from speaking. Others include former House Speaker John Boehner, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), and Ben Shapiro have all been through the ringer when it came to speaking to college students.

I get that Hanlon is trying to convince the public that not all colleges are like this, but a good chunk of them are. The only way that Hanlon is going to win this fight is take the first step of admitting that college campuses have a problem, and come up with ways to fix it.

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