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TMZ ‘ambushes’ Kellyanne Conway. They’re doing it wrong [VIDEO]

Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager and now WH counselor, cannot be rattled even when ambushed by outlets like TMZ. (Photo via TMZ)

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager and future WH counselor, cannot be rattled even when ambushed by outlets like TMZ. (Photo via TMZ)

Kellyanne Conway finally has an official position in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration serving as a counselor in the White House. The media has been speculating for weeks as to how she would fit into his administration after helping deliver the New York moghul a historic election victory.

A day before the announcement, however, the entertainment and news company, TMZ, posted an ambush video interview they filmed with Conway in New York City on Tuesday attempting to get her to spill the beans on what she’ll be doing.

Conway kept the secret of her job prospects close to the vest, but only gave the hint that she would be moving to Washington, DC.

The TMZ reporter focused on to Trump’s connection with celebrities, asking, “Do you think there will be the same quantity and quality of celebrities [as under President Obama]?”

Conway replied, “I don’t know that we’ve quantified it, but we certainly welcome those who support the president, and who have something to add to the conversation.”

After the TMZ reporter prodded some more, Conway flipped the interview on its head and went into savage mode on the number of A-list celebrities who blindly supported Hillary Clinton.

“Look what happens though if you have celebrities for celebrities sake,” Conway explained. “That’s what Hillary Clinton did late in the game and it backfired on her.”

The Trump campaign manager continued. “By the way,I don’t remember Beyonce or Jay Z giving a shoutout against Russian hacking or Jim Comey or… Bernie Sanders’ fault. They just figured — everybody figured [Hillary] was going to win and nobody said otherwise. They just tried to reverse the election results. All the election deniers.”

TMZ, if you want to step to Kellyanne Conway you better come correct because, in the words of Sweet Brown, “ain’t nobody got time for that!

Watch the full video below: