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Tucker exposes ‘socialist’ as just a boring ‘lifestyle liberal’ [VIDEO]

A socialist student blasts Trump for his appointments, Tucker Carlson made him question his form of socialism instead. (Photo via Fox News)

A socialist student blasts Trump for his appointments, Tucker Carlson made him question his form of socialism instead. (Photo via Fox News)

You can’t cuck the Tuck. There’s just no getting past Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Since getting his own evening show on weeknights, Carlson has been lighting up liberals, specifically millennials and social justice warriors on college campuses.

On Tuesday night’s show, Carlson invited Northeastern University student Elan Axelbank, who is organizing a walk-out on January 20, 2017 to protest the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

Axelbank, who’s a member of the Socialist Students’ organizing committee, said that his group rejects Trump’s agenda of attacking a woman’s right to choose, deporting working-class immigrants, and his plan to register Muslim-Americans.

He also said he was abhorred Trump’s corporate agenda, but conceded that he won the election fair and square.

“People are upset with the way things are going,” Axelbank said, noting that people like him were concerned about “Washington insiders.”

The socialist student continued. “From my point of view, what we need is anti-corporate candidates, anti-racist candidates, anti-sexist candidates that put forward not a message of division, but a message of unity based on the 99 percent opposing our common enemy, which, you know, we in Socialist Students see as the one percent.”

Carlson stopped Axelbank right there, “But, wait a second, who did the one percent support in this election? Who did every CEO, the entire tech community, all of finance… all of them were against Trump. And, by the way, who’s in favor of the mass immigration that you claim to support? It’s businesses! Because they want cheap labor.”

The Fox News host continued to see if Axelbank saw a connection there.

“Certainly, a lot of corporate CEOs and what not endorsed Hillary and that’s because Hillary was a Wall Street-friendly candidate,” Axelbank replied while Carlson interject by saying all of the CEOs endorsed Hillary. “But that’s actually not true what you’re saying. I mean if you look at Trump’s appointments over the past two days, he just appointed the CEO of Exxon Mobil … as Secretary of State. The CEO of Goldman Sachs is now in his cabinet.”

That’s when Carlson started to question whether Axelbank is really a socialist because his push for mass immigration will make it harder for Americans to find work. Axelbank responded by noting that appointing the CEO of Goldman Sachs to Trump’s cabinet works against raising the minimum wage.

“Look, I’m taking you seriously,” Carlson interrupted. “And you’re just repeating dumb liberal talking points. Be a socialist! Be a radical! Open your mind. I’m serious! You’re not a socialist. You’re a lifestyle liberal who’s upset with the same boring rich-people topics.”

If you’ve learned anything from watching Tucker Carlson Tonight is if you come on his show, you better come correct.

Watch the full interview below: