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New NC Governor’s top advisor: Kaepernick is “refreshing,” we shouldn’t “honor warriors”

(AP Photo/Chuck Burton, File)

(AP Photo/Chuck Burton, File)

North Carolina’s governor-elect Roy Cooper recently chose Ken Eudy as his senior advisor. Eudy is an outspoken anti-military advocate and political insider. He’s also been accused of participating in pay-to-play politics.

In a recent op-ed, Eudy praised NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest and called it “refreshing.” He also added that American society views military members “too highly.” Eudy also added that he remains seated whenever fans stand and show respect to men and women serving in the military.

“I sit simply because I think it odd that, of all the categories of Americans that we honor, we honor warriors,” Eudy declared in the article.

Eudy also had a sympathetic message to Kaepernick’s protest and the Black Lives Matter narrative in general. He stated that the duty of police officers to serve and protect is “fiction” when it comes to “black and brown children.”

“In this country, there are demonstrable differences in the rate at which people of color are incarcerated, unemployed and even shot by their law enforcement officers who are sworn to protect citizens,” claimed Eudy.

As North Carolina is home to almost one million active-duty and retired military personnel, Eudy’s anti-military stance and proximity to the governor is a cause of concern to many.

John Szoka is one of those concerned about Eudy’s appointment. Szoka, a state representative and retired military officer, spoke to Red Alert Politics about his disappointment in the pick.

“Eudy has been very disrespectful to the men and women who have served in our military.” Szoka said. “I don’t understand why he feels the need to bring down our troops in order to raise up [another group].”

On Monday, a letter opposing the Eudy’s appointment was published and signed by 10 North Carolina state representatives. All co-signers are either retired from or currently serving in the military.

In the letter’s press release, State Representative Holly Grange stated, “it is very concerning that Governor-elect Cooper’s pick for senior adviser, Ken Eudy has publicly expressed negative opinions and degrading comments toward our state’s military servicemen and women.”

Szoka, who is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army, added in the press release, “[As the] elected official representing Fort Bragg, the most populous military base in the world, I am deeply offended and disheartened over Mr. Eudy’s comments toward our state’s bravest men and women.”


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In addition to Eudy’s opposition to military members, he has also publicly said, “God doesn’t love America more [than other countries]. We’re not exceptional.”

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(via Screenshot)

Eudy also claims the state’s HB2 “Bathroom Bill” is not about bathrooms, but rather, about legalizing discrimination, saying it’s “no different than nullification of civil rights laws in the [1960s].”

As the founder of Capstrat, LLC, a communications organization, Eudy did lengthy work for insurance company Blue Cross Blue Shield-NC. He was accused by the watchdog organization N.C. Policy Watch of trying to silence troubled policyholders concerned with the non-profit’s nearly quarter-billion dollars worth of annual earnings.

Given that Eudy has been in the position of being both a major monetary contributor to the political system and a major benefactor of the scheme, it has caused some to raise questions. He’s donated nearly $100,000, while at the same time, received millions of dollars worth of state contracts.

While speaking to Red Alert, Szoka concluded by questioning the judgment of governor-elect Roy Cooper in his choice of Eudy, “it concerns me that our governor-elect would overlook Eudy’s flaws when choosing someone to receive sound advice from.”

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