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After Trump meeting, liberals call Kanye a race traitor

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Kanye West earned the scorn of thousands of people for meeting with Trump. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

When hip-hop mogul Kanye West met with President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday, it caused a mainstream media freakout. Now, liberals are claiming that the rapper is no longer black.

According to E! Online, West met with Trump to discuss the possibility of serving a role in his new administration. Trump and West have been friends for a long time, and Trump admires Kanye’s “entrepreneurial leadership role” skills and believes he can become an ambassador of sorts, possibly to urban communities and the inner cities.

Sources close to West say that Trump thinks the rapper is a “great role model when it comes to business.”

If any position opens, it could help West do something positive for many black Americans. However, the mere fact that he met with Trump created a rift between him and some of his fans and liberals.

West was called everything from a race traitor to Trump’s slave who would do anything for his approval.

Here are some of the outrageous tweets:

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