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Professor bans phrase ‘illegal immigrant,’ threatens students who exposed her

Flicker/ Alberto G

Students can’t write any phrases that will trigger the professor on their final exam. (Flicker/ Alberto G)

Most professors across the country censor themselves for fear that they’ll trigger liberal students. However, one professor at the University of Southern California is asking his pupils to avoid using certain offensive phrases.

Campus Reform reported on Monday that USC Prof. Alicia Chavez’s teaching assistant, Julia Chea, e-mailed students to refrain from using the words “illegal immigrant” from describing people who have no authority to be in the U.S.

“Hi everyone,” the email from Julie Chea stated. “One last message from me for the semester: on your final exams, please refrain from using the term, ‘illegal immigrant’ to refer to human beings, -as Professor Chavez has requested (or mandated.) Instead please use ‘undocumented immigrant’ or ‘unauthorized entry’ to describe folks’ status or how they may have arrived in the US.”

Within hours of sending the initial e-mail, Chea sent a follow-up message after hearing people were sharing the post on social media.

“Dear students,” she wrote. “NONE of you have my permission to screenshot emails sent to the class so that you may post them on Facebook. Not only is it in bad taste, but you would do well to avoid violating classroom and university policies regarding confidentiality. Your friend has ratted you out.”

That’s a very professional way to conclude an e-mail.

Liberal professors apparently think that classrooms are their own personal safe space.

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