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Poll: Americans support cutting government-funded animal abuse

(Associated Press)

A national poll conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies has been shared exclusively with Red Alert Politics. (Photo via Associated Press)

In the matchup of Puppies vs. Big Brother, Americans prefer man’s best friend.

White Coat Waste Project (WCWP), a nonprofit, bipartisan group opposed to taxpayer-funded animal testing, has been working to expose the wasteful and deadly animal experiments that are being conducted by the government. These federal government agencies often carry out their operations with little to no transparency, and the American people are finally on to them.

According to a national poll conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies, which has been shared exclusively with Red Alert Politics, 60 percent of voters support efforts to reduce the amount of taxpayer money the National Institutes of Health spends on animal experiments. 67 percent said they support federal agencies being required to inform the public of how much taxpayer money they spend on animal testing. They also want to be notified on how many dogs, cats, primates, and other animals are used in these experiments — two things that White Coat Waste says these agencies fail to do.

In 2015, WCW discovered that nearly 1,200 dogs were used for testing at the NIH, DOD, FDA, CDC, and VA. However, each agency has failed to “disclose what they are doing, how much they are spending, the purpose or outcome, or what happens to the puppies and adult dogs unfortunate enough to be the subjects.”

“We are working with Congress to increase transparency and accountability about taxpayer-funded animal experimentation and ensure the public’s growing opposition to it is reflected in spending and other policy decisions,” said Justin Goodman, Vice President of White Coat Waste Project.

Their goals are simple: defund dog testing, end primate testing, increase transparency, and cut overall funding for animal testing. In combining animal rights values with a small government ideology, White Coat Waste Project is uniquely positioned to unite both the politically left and right behind their cause, and the recent poll suggests they’ve been successful in doing so.

Of the voters who wish to cut taxpayer-funded animal testing, 66 percent were Republicans, and 60 percent were Democrats. People on both sides of the aisle also favor more government transparency on animal testing as well with 73 percent of Republicans and 68 of Democrats. Similarly, members of both parties want to see a reduction in taxpayer funding for experiments on primates, dogs, and cats.

“Federal agencies admit that animal experimentation fails at least 95 percent of the time, and a majority of Americans — especially Republicans — are tired of being forced to pay billions each year for this wasteful practice,” Goodman said.

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