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Professor calls Trump’s election “an act of terrorism” [VIDEO]

The 2016 election has been historic and will be remembered for a long time. For some, the results did not turn out the way that they would have liked and decided to be vocal about it — especially on college campuses.

Across the country, thousands of students from schools like Indiana, Penn State, UMass, and even some high schools protested Donald Trump’s election win through walkouts, cry-ins, and safe spaces. Now, college professors are getting involved and sharing their thoughts on the President-elect.

A conservative student at Orange Coast College (OCC) in Costa Mesa, California, caught his professor calling all Trump supporters “terrorists.”

The video of the professor’s rant was sent to OCC College Republicans President Joshua Martinez, who posted the video below to Facebook. The professor is Olga Perez Stable Cox who teaches Human Sexuality at OCC.

The video begins with the professor saying “…and a Vice President (Mike Pence) who is one of the anti-gay humans in this country.”

“We are in for a difficult time,” the professor continues. “But again, I think we can get past that.”

That’s when her rant starts to go off the rails.

“We have been assaulted. It’s an act of terrorism.”

Yes, a college professor just said that electing Donald Trump was an act of terrorism.

After sharing all of this, the professor then says that she is going to share some of his “coping skills” to get through a Trump presidency. While this is only one instance, other schools have had similar cases. At Purdue University, the student government provided an email template for students to send to their professors to miss class so that they can heal from the election.