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Liberal women are chopping their hair off for the dumbest reason ever

(Associated Press)

Chopping off your hair is now a political statement. (Photo via Associated Press)

Imagine if Hillary Clinton won the election. Imagine if conservative women from Indiana, West Virginia, or Texas called the editors of New York Magazine to say that they were all cutting their hair off to mourn Donald Trump’s loss. Much less publish an article about these women, the editors would have them committed to an insane asylum.

Well, more than a month after the election, liberal women in big urban cities are suffering from a breakup from the rest of America. They can’t believe the rest of the nation abandoned them and voted for Trump. Now, they’re trying to make a statement by chopping off all their hair.

New York Magazine published a story on Monday about how several women in Washington D.C. and New York City — you know, real America –– are dramatically changing their hair as a sign of rebellion against Trump.

Julianna Evans described her totally normal and logical reaction to the election results that doesn’t make feminists seem anyway crazy or unhinged at all.

“Then came the November 8 election upset, and Evans fell into a downward spiral. ‘I cried for three days,’ the Atlanta native, 45, recalls. ‘I felt like it was the worst thing, politically, that ever happened in my lifetime. It was catastrophic,'” the article said.

“Now, I feel like my hair says you can’t bring me down. This misogyny will not persevere. The bumper sticker for me is, ‘I am woman, hear me roar,’” she said.

“By Friday she noticed grays growing in, so she put on her big-girl panties and dragged herself to the drugstore. ‘Literally without thinking, I grabbed the Natural Black box by Garnier,’ she says. ‘I was like, f** it! The election deadened my soul. I think I wanted to do something defiant to feel stronger.'”

Yes, dye your hair! That’ll show those rust belt states who’s boss!

Apparently, she wasn’t the only one who thought she could take back her country by lopping inches off her head.

“That sense of malaise is spreading across D.C. As women stare up at that glass ceiling still hanging over them and contend with a pussy-grabbing kleptocrat moving into the nearby White House, they are collectively — however subconsciously — making their own statements of rebellion by challenging traditional notions of beauty.”

A high-end hairstylist in D.C. said that she wanted to look like the opposite of Melania Trump. She doesn’t want people to think of her as sexual.

George Washington University teaching instructor Dr. Kristian Henderson is proud of her victimhood mentality, touting her status as a woman, person of color, and a member of the LGBTQ community. She cut off her brown hair to make a statement to Trump, saying, “The election results felt like an attack on minorities, women, and marginalized people in general. Having long hair was my attempt to fit into society, so after the election, I felt a need to exert my ‘uniqueness’ and not tie my femininity to the length of my hair.”

Hate to break it to Evans, Henderson, or any other woman chopping off their hair because of Trump: he doesn’t know. No one knows or cares. You don’t look strong, smart, or tough. You just look like a lesbian from the early 90s who lost her fanny pack.

Rather than detailing in a liberal publication how you cried for three days over an election, but got your groove back by chopping off your locks — maybe go out into the rest of the country and get to know the women who voted for Trump.

The women these liberal elites are ignoring are the breadwinners (since their husband’s job moved overseas) of their families. Unlike most liberal elitist women, they have sleepless nights worrying about their kids future, their aging parents, and their dying towns.

These women don’t publicize their despair or strength for elitists to write about in magazines. Instead, they just work and are lucky at the end of the month if they can even afford a nice haircut.

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