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NYC spends tax dollars to coddle devastated Hillary supporters [EXCLUSIVE]


New York City is using tax payer dollars to help distressed Clinton supporters. (Screenshot)

Hillary Clinton supporters in deep blue states are still devastated by the fact that Donald Trump is the president-elect. Now, at least one city is using taxpayer dollars to console them.

In a letter obtained by Red Alert Politics, the New York City Department of Education sent out a letter on Friday instructing employees to contact taxpayer-funded organizations to help distressed Clinton supporters who can’t deal with the election results. These organizations include the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NYC Well, Department of Youth and Community Development, and the Office of Labor Relation’s Employee Assistance Program.

“Many New Yorkers may be feeling distressed or vulnerable following the election results,” the letter stated. “We have seen the concerns expressed on social media and we are monitoring them closely.”

Apparently, they believe the election results were so bad that it’s causing Clinton supporters to have mental breakdowns, and they’re likely to hurt themselves or commit suicide.

“We hope to maintain resilience, raise awareness of symptoms to support early intervention, and provide information about available resources, including NYC Well, the City’s 24/7/365 connection to care, which offers interpretation services in over 200 languages,” the letter continued. “NYC Employees can also call the EAP at 212-306-7660 for support.”

Oddly enough, this letter didn’t go out four years ago when President Obama was re-elected.

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 4.06.41 PM

(Letter from the NYC Board of Education)

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