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Viral: 7-year-old girl shoots a deer, shatters stereotypes [VIDEO]

(AP Photo)

A video of a young girl’s first hunting trip has gone viral. (Photo via Screenshot)

Responsible gun ownership means practicing gun safety and teaching your kids how to behave around firearms. A video of a young girl’s first hunting trip has gone viral for a number of reasons:

1. She’s young and she’s handling a gun.

Liberals are quick to say no child should handle a gun. These anti-gunners fail to see the importance of hunting in some communities. Families rely on the meat that’s produced from a hunting trip. Once the kids are old enough to partake in the hunting tradition that means there’s more of an opportunity to bag a deer and stock up for winter. For some families hunting isn’t a sport but a necessity.

2. She’s practicing gun safety.

Throughout the entire video, the young girl keeps her finger off the trigger. One of the four basic rules of gun safety is to keep your fingers off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot your target. She didn’t put her finger on the trigger until she was ready – and willing – to shoot her target (the deer).

Her parents did a great job teaching her the four basic rules of gun safety: always treat the gun as if it’s loaded; never point the gun at something you’re not ready and willing to destroy; always be sure of your target and what’s behind it; and keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target and you’re ready to fire your weapon.

3. She’s a girl.

Let’s face it. Hunting has a reputation for being a “man’s sport.” When people talk about hunting, it’s always fathers and sons going out to bag a buck. It’s pretty rare that you hear about women hunting — although those women do exist!

The takeaway:

This girl’s hunting experience is a reminder that we need to make sure young girls are confident around firearms, that they know how to use them safely and are willing – and able – to pull a trigger should the need ever arise, whether it be for hunting or self-defense.

We need to break the stereotype that all women are afraid of firearms. Instead of feeding this stereotype, we should be working to break it.